Health Science and Geriatrics

Geriatrics or Geriatric Medicine is a claim to fame that spotlights on human services of elderly individuals. It expects to advance wellbeing by averting and treating ailments and inabilities in more established grown-ups. There is no set age at which patients might be under the care of a geriatrician, or geriatric doctor, a doctor who spends significant time in the care of elderly individuals. Or maybe, this choice is dictated by the individual patient's needs and the accessibility of an expert. It is critical to take note of the difference between geriatrics, the care of matured individuals, and Gerontology, which is simply the investigation of the Ageing Procedure. Geriatrics term originated from the Greek word geron (old man), and iatros (healer). In any case, geriatrics is every so often called remedial gerontology.