The method by which the cells stop dividing irreversibly and get a permanent growth arrest without the process of cell death is known as Senescence. This process can be delayed and prevented. There are few conditions such as Syndrome X, where in this condition, a person remains mentally and physically a child throughout his/her life.

Environmental factors can also account to the cause of ageing. Some of the factors include over exposure to UV Radiation which leads to skin ageing. Different parts of the body may age at different rates. Of the 150,000 people who die each day, about 100,000 per day die of age-related factors namely senescence.

Causes of senescence include gene expression changes, damage which is caused by biological processes etc. The ongoing research is still in a dilemma if the senescence as a biological process itself can be slowed down or reversed or completely put to a halt. The mechanism for preventing the proliferation of potential cancer cells is called Cellular Senescence. It promotes tissue repair associated with ageing and cancer progression and suppresses tumorigenesis. The four complex biological processes associated with cellular senescence include,

Tumour suppression

Tumour promotion


Tissue Repair

The only way to understand the response of senescence well enough to accelerate its benefits and decelerate its drawbacks.